Concrete Paving Services

We provide a full range of paving services in the Lower Mainland. Our concrete paving services are for everybody – residential, commercial, and industrial property owners. We also undertake municipal projects.

From conceptualizing your project to completing it, we can do everything for you. Just tell us your requirements, budget, and deadline if any and leave rest on us.

Our mission is to deliver the requirements of our customers in the best possible way and at the lowest possible cost. To achieve our mission, we focus on hiring qualified professionals with the necessary and required skills that guarantee successful completion. To ensure success, we provide our team with  advanced tools and techniquesequipping them to deliver quality service.

With our expert team, we are capable of paving and decorating almost any surface you have. We create visibly attractive and high-quality patios, backyards, car parks, driveways, sports courts- to name a few.

Our work will add value to your property and this is our assurance.

Why should you entrust us for your paving requirements?

>We have been serving the Lower Mainland for more than 3 decades.

>We have become a reliable brand name that Vancouver trusts.

>We are licensed and accredited.

>Our services are insured.

>We offer best quality and price assurance.

>We have a qualified and well-equipped team to assist you.

Our Service Areas:

We offer our concrete paving services in following areas:




>West Vancouver

>White Rock

>New Westminster








Call us at (604)839-5531 to discuss your requirements and we will let you know how we can fulfill them. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask- we are willing and able to help.


"I’m extremely happy with the service that was provided; the work was done on time… I would definitely recommend Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd.

Benjamin Wong

"Serving the lower mainland since 1984"