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Salting ServicesIn snowy weather conditions, with the increase in the temperature and the snow that is left un-melted on the ground turns into black ice which can be very dangerous. Not easily detected and hard to see, black ice makes roads and walkways dangerous to tread on both for pedestrians and drivers alike causing injury and unforeseen collisions. Dhillon Bros Paving has been in the snow removal business for over 45 years and understands the implications of not salting your property’s exterior both on a personal level and legal standpoint in keeping your loved ones, pedestrians, and clients safe.

Not only do we remove snow, but also salt the path to ensure safety, slip-resistant, and ice-free satisfaction to our clients. Mainly in the winter, temperatures fall to zero and below, and water on the ground turns to ice, creating dangerously slippery conditions that are difficult to traverse. Black ice can be the most ominous and potentially dangerous condition in the winter season.

In general, homeowners, pedestrians, employees, etc., aren’t aware and visible of black ice. This creates a major slipping hazard and in worst cases, can cause serious injury to the person. We have a simple solution…salting! Salting is a technique that quickly and effectively clears the area of ice and snow. Salt essentially melts the ice around it and lowers its freezing points, turning solid into liquid. This keeps the ice melted to lower the risk of any potential hazard. It is essential to salt your property and we can help.

With our expertise and having Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd at your service, we will plow snow and salt your property to make it accessible and safe for everyone. We offer waste salting services to residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Richmond, Vancouver, and all throughout the Lower Mainland.

Snow Removal

A foot of fresh snowfall is great for a day on the ski hill but not so great when it’s blocking your car from exiting you driveway or customers from entering your parking lot.

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  • Lawn Care, Seeding & fertilization
  • Pruning of hedges, trees, shrubs and plants
  • Grass Cutting and Removal
  • Spring/Fall Cleaning
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  • Spring Start Up
  • Summer Tune Up
  • Winterization
  • System Maintenance, Repairs and Adjustments
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Gutter Vacuum Cleaning

Gutters can become clogged with all types of gunk such as leaves, pine needles, twigs, debris, and even moss, and when water flows through the drainage pipes, all this accumulation can be left swishing around, barely moving, or even stuck causing cesspools of junk that block rainwater from flowing through.

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Pressure Washing

We use top-quality pressure washing machines to give your property a clean and well-maintained look by clearing off and washing away dirt, lime, hard spots, and all types of left residue and remnants without the use of any harsh cleaning agents.

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Why choose snow removal?

  • Increased safety in dangerous conditions
  • Reduce personal liability
  • Saves you time
  • Reduce business interruption
  • Reduce damage to surfaces
  • Specialized equipment removes snow more efficiently

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