Want a greener landscape? Try Compost!

  January 16, 2024

In landscaping, something incredible is often overlooked- compost. It’s a superfood for plants! Much of what we discard in our homes—such as kitchen waste and grass clippings – could be used for making fantastic compost. That’s like transforming junk into gold! Suppose everyone does that? Thousands of pounds of [...]

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Is Your Snow Removal Plan Ready for White Rock’s Winter?

  December 26, 2023

White Rock is a beautiful coastal city in the Metro Vancouver Regional District. The cold Canadian winters here make commercial snow removal easier said than done! White Rock often transforms into snowy winter scenery, which, on the one hand, presents visitors with a visual spectacle and, on the other [...]

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Concrete Paving: Water-Resistant, Quick-Hardening, and Low-Maintenance

  December 14, 2023

Concrete paving services offered by a reputed concrete paving company can elevate the appearance of your driveways, pathways, and patios. This is because concrete is a very convenient and flexible building material for perfect outdoors. But why would that be? The reason is concrete has many associated advantages, which [...]

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Leaf Removal is Path to Pristine Lawn

  November 10, 2023

Fall foliage, with its shades of brown, red, purple, orange, and yellow, looks mesmerizing! But, only till leaves don’t fall on the ground. After your lawn plants have shed leaves, the lawn becomes a chaotic mess to be cleaned. A lawn needs many things to survive, remain healthy, and [...]

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Aesthetic and Security Benefits of Parking Lot Bollards

  October 12, 2023

Barrier posts, which are often referred to as parking bollards, are those short and protective posts which are embedded in the ground for the purpose of parking lot safety. These unassuming structures protect buildings and pedestrians from car accidents. Dhillon Bros Paving, a trusted paving contractor in Richmond, incorporates [...]

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