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During the winter season’s snowfall time, it is essential to ensure the access points to your property are safe and cleared of snow to avoid slips, falls, injuries, or at worse vehicle collisions or accidents that all could have been easily avoided. Due to the regulations in the Lower Mainland, it is the owner’s responsibility to keep the exterior of the property cleared for pedestrians and on-goers. Dhillon Bros Paving understands the importance of this and will diligently monitor your property for you.

Dhillon Bros offer de-icing services to help clear roads and pavement areas on and outside of your property. Snow clearing is not only necessary, but as a homeowner or business owner, it is your responsibility by law to make sure the area is safe

What are the benefits of de-icing your residential and commercial property?

  • keeps passing pedestrians and neighbours safe on the street safe by providing them with a clear and snow-free area to walk on
  • keeps cyclists and drivers and cyclists safe by giving them a clear and salted sidewalk and pathways to walk on
  • provides easy and safe access to everyone trying to access and enter the premises without any chances of slipping and injuring themselves due to present ice or snow

Don’t risk any chance of having a liability case on your home property or business premises and call us today for all your de-icing needs and have the best snow removal and de-icing Richmond and the Lower Mainland have to offer!

Snow Removal

A foot of fresh snowfall is great for a day on the ski hill but not so great when it’s blocking your car from exiting you driveway or customers from entering your parking lot.

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  • Lawn Care, Seeding & fertilization
  • Pruning of hedges, trees, shrubs and plants
  • Grass Cutting and Removal
  • Spring/Fall Cleaning
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  • Spring Start Up
  • Summer Tune Up
  • Winterization
  • System Maintenance, Repairs and Adjustments
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Gutter Vacuum Cleaning

Gutters can become clogged with all types of gunk such as leaves, pine needles, twigs, debris, and even moss, and when water flows through the drainage pipes, all this accumulation can be left swishing around, barely moving, or even stuck causing cesspools of junk that block rainwater from flowing through.

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Pressure Washing

We use top-quality pressure washing machines to give your property a clean and well-maintained look by clearing off and washing away dirt, lime, hard spots, and all types of left residue and remnants without the use of any harsh cleaning agents.

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Why choose snow removal?

  • Increased safety in dangerous conditions
  • Reduce personal liability
  • Saves you time
  • Reduce business interruption
  • Reduce damage to surfaces
  • Specialized equipment removes snow more efficiently

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