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New Installation

New Installation

New InstallationThere is no better time to have an irrigation system installed than during the final phases of your new installation before all the finishing touches are put on your landscaping.

We work with all sorts of irrigation system installation – big, small, commercial, residential – working within existing landscaping. New installation irrigation system installation removes most of the challenges we may encounter later. This saves time and money on the installation making for happier clients.

On a typical sprinkler irrigation system installation, once the property has been mapped out and the optimal location has been determined for the sprinkler head installations, the digging process starts. The water delivery pipes are usually buried 1-2 feet underground and run under the grass and garden.

While we will always leave your landscaping in pristine condition after the work is done, a period of regrowth is often required when dealing with existing landscaping. When you install your irrigation system during the new installation phase, you get to skip that, gaining all the benefits of a residential irrigation system without any hassle or mess.

If you are in the new installation phase of your dream home and planning your landscaping, don’t forget about your irrigation as it’s a small part of the construction process that will pay off in spades with years of low-maintenance watering and lush, beautiful gardens.

Why choose irrigation?

  • More efficient water usage, which saves money
  • Saves you time
  • Improves plant growth
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Preserves nutrients in your soil
  • Increased property value

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