Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd offers the following career opportunities. Please call us today and be part of the growth of the organization.

Estimator (Salesman)

This position requires knowledge of construction, paving, grading and drainage work. The estimator is responsible for meeting customers across the lower-mainland to give a quotation of how much their project will cost. The meeting will determine the scope of the work and requirements needed to complete the work. The estimator will then prepare an detailed invoice for the customer and then report back to the foreman.

Equipment Operator

The dump truck operator works by the instructions from the foreman or manager. The dump truck operator will need to obtain a valid class 1 driver’s license. Due to the scope of the workload, the truck driver’s duties will vary depending on the projects. For instance, bringing gravel or asphalt, hauling away and dumping material, transporting machinery on trailer or hauling snow during winter season. All duties will be instructed by the foreman or manager. The dump truck operator ensures that work is done in a timely and safe manner. Also, inspections are required before and after operating the truck.

General Labour Duties

Whether it’s paving, prepping or grading there are different roles and responsibilities on our team. We require some sort of experience in asphalt paving. Some of the duties include a raker-man, which is responsible for leveling gravel or asphalt to ensure its leveled and sloped properly before compacting. Tamper-man, ensures that the all corners and edges are tamped during the placement of the asphalt to give a beautiful appearance and also to make sure the asphalt is flush with the concrete. Shovel-man, works with the raker-man to ensure that asphalt is evenly spread. The shovel-man will spread the asphalt so the raker-man can level the asphalt before compacting. Finisher, works during and after the project is paved. The finisher is responsible for taking out lines and streaks after the machine is operated. Also, responsible for finishing areas where the machine is not accessible to. Other duties include, sweeping, wheel barrowing, cleaning, putting away equipment, traffic control and lock-up.

If you have the knowledge, skill and expertise to be a part of our team. Please give us a call today for possible career opportunities with Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd.


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