Why Your Business Needs Paving Contractors in Richmond

  April 3, 2018

If you have a business located in Richmond, you know it’s a great city in which to be based. You’re only minutes away from Vancouver International Airport, accessed by highways and a great transit system. You’ll also find some awesome shopping centres, a skilled workforce, and great restaurants. It’s close enough to Vancouver without being crowded, and home to some of the best businesses in the province. Perhaps yours is even one of them!

So, you have the location of your business down, but there is something else you can do in the never-ending quest to have the perfect business which is something you might not have considered. Having paving contractors in Richmond that you can call on when you need them.

Paving contractors in Richmond, like us here at Dhillon Bros paving, carry out a variety of services that are useful to all businesses in the city so let’s take a look at the advantages of your business having regular paving contractors in Richmond. Trust us when we say that once you have our team working with you, you’ll wonder why you never had paving contractors in Richmond before!


This one is obvious! At Dhillon Bros Paving, we have carried out paving services for commercial businesses in Richmond for over 30 years. Speak to any of our clients and you will realize how important it is for your business to have professional paving contractors in Richmond to carry out tasks like laying down asphalt parking lots, repairing cracking in the pavement, and offering up paving maintenance tips.

Snow Removal

Your paving contractors in Richmond, including Dhillon Bros Paving, also provide snow removal services. This is essential in winter, if you want your business to remain open during bad weather. It makes your workplace safer for employees and will encourage customers and clients to visit when the entrance way is clear. When you are already a client of ours, snow removal is easy.You just need to give us a call when you need us, as the account details have already been set up.

Call us today to set up an account with Dhillon Bros Paving. Once you have completed a few simple steps, our team of skilled and professional paving contractors in Richmond will be on hand to assist you with all of your paving and snow removal needs.

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