Why Summer is the Best Time to Engage in Asphalt Paving

  August 16, 2017

Are you in need of asphalt paving? If so, now is the best time to engage it, as we explain further in this article.

Asphalt paving is a great option for your pavement, whether you require it for home or commercial use, and the summer is the best time to have it laid. Weather can play a sizeable role in how simple and easy it is to have your asphalt paving installed, with the hotter and dryer periods being the most effective for installation.

Hotter Overall Weather

As mentioned above, the hotter weather is far more desirable. This is because it makes the pavement easier to lay and more effective to cure, helping to increase the speed of the overall process. It is also easier to work in these conditions, compared to a dark and rainy day that can often come in the winter periods.

Longer Potential Working Hours

Along with being hotter weather overall in the summer, there are also more hours of daylight. This means the potential for work hours are much greater, helping to create a higher level of availability from those professionals offering asphalt paving.

This also means you have the best chance of hiring a professional for the times and dates that suit you, which can be much more beneficial for the consumer.

Preparing for Winter

Another great reason to engage in asphalt paving in the summer is that you are preparing yourself well, to be ready for the winter. If you already have asphalt paving that needs repairing or replacing, leaving it through a winter period can cause much greater damage than already exists.

As rain falls and the temperatures drop, you may be looking at a bigger asphalt paving job if you leave it until after this period, making the summer prime time for a repair or replacement.

More Effective Seal Coating

Lastly, asphalt paving in the summer will also allow you to have the seal coating on before the harsher months of winter hit. This makes it more effective and hard-wearing, helping it to have an even longer lifespan.


Asphalt paving can be a great solution to your pavement problems and is a recommended choice. Having the work conducted in the summer period is highly advised, however, as we point out in the points above.

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