Why Paving Contractors Are Important

  October 4, 2016

Paving Contractors

Without paving contractors, our lives would be very different. We all know what it’s like to drive, or ride our bikes on bad roads, but we also know what how enjoyable it is to make our way along good roads, which are smooth, even and well constructed.

Now just imagine if the cracks and bumps in our roads were never fixed and they remained uneven and difficult to navigate? The work that paving contractors do is largely taken for granted, because we always notice when something is broken, but rarely notice when it is fixed and functioning as it should be. When these types of infrastructure function correctly, it is often down to the hard work of paving contractors who ensure that roads are constructed in the best way possible.

Inconsistencies, such as potholes and cracks in our roads, caused by extremely hot weather, extremely cold weather and by heavy vehicle traffic.  These cracks can result in everything from loss of productivity, to even loss of life, if an accident results. Unfortunately, our roads and sidewalks are always getting older and they’re cracking much more often as they age. Without paving contractors, Canadian traffic – indeed, the Canadian economy – would gradually grind to a halt. Many of our roads and sidewalks are made of concrete, but asphalt is one of the most popular paving options.

Asphalt is a versatile material that produces smooth and refined roads. Roads made by asphalt paving contractors are economical, compared to other options and may be maintained and repaired in the event of damage.The primary composition of asphalt is sand, stones, gravel and petroleum products, but many paving contractors have their own custom mixes that will ensure the greatest durability and resistance to heavy vehicle traffic and extreme weather. Paving contractors will be able to determine exactly what type of asphalt is best suited to the road that they are constructing and the quality of the asphalt is paramount to building a road that will have a long lifespan.

Paving contractors play a huge part to play in making sure our traffic and our economy keep moving. And of course, they do much more than just repair and resurface our roads. They also repair and resurface driveways and patios, tennis courts and all sorts of other surfaces. So they don’t just make public life better. They make our private lives better, too. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine our cities – and our lives – without the quality work that paving contractors do.

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