Why Choose Dhillon Bros Paving for Snow Removal in White Rock?

  January 7, 2021

Although snowfall is always a beautiful sight to behold, and winter is the best time to stay in and relax, snow can also be dangerous. If the snow on your driveway, pavement or commercial property is not properly cleared, it can lead to life threatening and fatal accidents. If snow piles up on your sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots or commercial sites, the property owners and occupants are responsible for clearing snow and ice that surrounds their property.

In such a situation, you have two options – either you can take care of it yourself, or sit back relax and hire a service to do the work for you. This is where you find snow removal and salting services useful. Professional snow removal services are the way to go. This is because they have experienced and knowledgeable workers who will finish the work proficiently, and in a time effective manner.

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Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd is the perfect company for snow removal in White Rock. They will clear your property effectively and efficiently at the most affordable prices. We have a comprehensive plan for every kind of snow removal, and we’ll keep you constantly updated. No matter whether it’s an ice storm or massive snow, professionals have you covered every step of the way.

On Call

Weather is always unpredictable and we know that. Which is why we are on call 24/7 for snow removal in White Rock. If there is a storm or snowfall overnight, all you need to do is pick up your phone and dial our number and we will be at your location as soon as possible.

Our Equipment

We have top of the range equipment for snow removal in White Rock. We will bring plow trucks, bobcats, backhoes along with salting equipment when we arrive for snow removal in White Rock. We have a highly trained team and they possess immense knowledge in all of the best snow removal techniques, so your sidewalks, roads, parking lots, or other areas that require snow removal are clear and safe.

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Don’t delay; set up an account with the team at Dhillon Bros Paving today. We understand that snow may not be on your mind right now, but once it comes, it will be hard to avoid unless you have a dedicated snow removal team like Dhillon Bros Paving available to you.

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