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What We Use for Snow Removal in Coquitlam

  December 25, 2018

Snow can look wonderful in winter, but we all know that it can actually be pretty dangerous. When it builds up, it can make driving difficult and can even cause us to slip and fall while walking. Cities in the Lower Mainland can be more at risk to snow than other areas along the coast, such as Vancouver, due to their inland location.

At Dhillon Bros Paving we are proud to service these areas and offer snow removal in Coquitlam. We understand that many people own businesses or commute to work in the bigger cities. This means that roads, driveways, and parking lots must be clear of snow in order for people to be able to drive on the roads or for potential customers to visit businesses.

That is why we have an excellent system in place for snow removal in Coquitlam, which will both remove the white stuff and help keep black ice at bay. Should you experience heavy snowfall in this area, all you need to do is call Dhillon Bros Paving for effective snow removal that will make your surrounding area just that little bit safer this winter.

When you get in touch with us. we will send out a team to get to work on snow removal in Coquitlam. We will send out our team with snowplows, bobcats, backhoes, and other heavy equipment to make sure that all the snow will be removed. Once we have taken away the majority, we will break out the shovels to remove it from harder to reach areas where our heavy machinery won’t fit.

Following the snow removal, we will salt the ground. This is especially important as it helps to prevent black ice on the roads and sidewalks. Black ice is particularly dangerous, as we cannot see it, so we do not know to slow down or to be extra cautious around it.

Be prepared and set up an account with Dhillon Bros Paving today. When we already have your details, we can call out to Coquitlam for snow removal quickly and efficiently.

We want the people of Coquitlam to be safe this winter, which is why we offer comprehensive snow removal services in the city. Whether you are a business owner or a resident in the area, keep us in mind for snow removal in Coquitlam, when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

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