Types of Road Challenges You May Experience in Winter

  December 9, 2021

Winter is a favorite season for many of us. However, it comes with countless hazards and challenges on the road, such as snow accumulation. To manage this, you can get help from the best commercial snow removal Vancouver experts like Dhillon Bros & Paving Ltd. These experts have seen it all in terms of poor roads in need of repair. They will remove the snow around your property and make it risk-free. Many of the issues can be avoided by professional asphalt paving in the summertime. Here are some common types of road hazards in winter and how experts can battle them.

Types of Road Challenges in Winters

1. Potholes

Potholes are a common highway risk that an expert asphalt contractor can easily deal with. For instance, potholes develop when asphalt expands and contracts to the point of cracking and forming a hole. These holes get filled with snow and become hidden to drivers. If a vehicle hits them, these holes can cause damage to the alignment, tires, and undercarriage. Hence, potholes should be immediate asphalt repair before the snow begins to fall.

2. Debris

This is not a serious issue but it can be a winter road hazard. Winter storms can cause all types of debris to build up on roadways. From natural detritus, such as tree branches, to power lines and garbage, it is not so common to experience unnatural items on the road. As a driver, you need to pay close attention to the road, especially after recent storms.

3. Ice

Ice is a primary problem in the wintertime. Especially ice which is formed by the combination of light rain or fog and below-freezing temperatures. This type of ice is typically known as black ice, which is not easily noticeable from behind the wheel. So, have a look at the forecast to help predict when you may experience this road danger.

4. Frost Heaves

Frost heaves are formed from wet soil expanding, freezing, and pushing a solid asphalt surface upward. After the snow melts, these heaves retreat back to their previous state, and the pattern will continue in every season with repeated freeze-thaw cycles. With time, frost heaves could make potholes and cracks. If you see these things emerging, hire asphalt repair experts like Dhillon Paving to repair the damage.

5. Snow and Ice Buildup on your Vehicle

If your car is parked outside, make sure to clear all ice from your vehicle’s windows as well as any snow build-up from underneath your car. You can save yourself and other vehicles from experiencing hazards on the road by properly clearing your vehicle before driving.

These are some common road challenges one may experience on cold days and asphalt service providers such as Dhillon Paving will help to provide the best service to their clients. If you have experienced any such issues that could cause big problems this winter, consult the professionals today! The contractors here will work endlessly to boost safety and shift hazards before winter hits, to make your winters happy.

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