The Dangers of Black Ice with Snow Removal Services

  January 5, 2017

Snow Removal Services

If you are looking to engage in snow removal, it’s important to also be aware of the dangers and hazards that black ice can bring.

Snow removal in itself is an important task, and one that helps to improve property accessibility for clients, customers and homeowners, while also being a required task in many areas. Depending on your region, you may even be subject to a fine if this is not completed in a timely manner, making snow removal services an important aspect of your winter maintenance.

The occurrence of black ice

Many people believe that once the snow removal services have been completed, the hard work is over, with the goal accomplished. This is a common mistake made by commercial and residential property owners, potentially putting passers-by and clients at risk.

Clearing away the snow is only one part of the puzzle, as salting is required to ensure the path is slip resistant and safe to walk on. Salting removes potential hazards, with one of the most dangerous of these being the formation of black ice. A thin coating of ice lying on the surface, black ice is hard to spot and extremely slippery, being the culprit behind a large number of accidents during cold conditions.

Black ice prevention

Despite its name, black ice is actually transparent, and as the road or path underneath it will often be dark, it has gained the name black ice. Synonymous with driving accidents, it’s the cause behind a large number of crashes each year, while also being a danger to pedestrians.

One of the most effective ways that you can prevent black ice from forming, consequently, is to salt your roads and paths as part of your snow removal services.

Stay safe with professional snow removal services

Preventing black ice is one of the most important reasons that professional snow removal services should be sought, whether you are a residential homeowner, or a commercial business owner.

As an experienced professional will ensure that salting and other snow removal processes are performed correctly, and with the right equipment and tools, you can rest assured that your property will be left in a safeĀ  and accessible manner.

The importance to commercial businesses

While residential snow removal services are also highly recommended, there is an added importance if you are a commercial business owner.

Without engaging in professional snow removal services to clear and salt your property, you run the risk of losing customers and business. Along with this, you potentially endanger employees, clients and passers-by, as hazards such as black ice can easily occur without the correct preventative methods.

In summary

When searching for snow removal, ensure that the company or contractor you choose also provides a salting service, as this is a critical part of the process.

In using professional and experienced snow removal services, there will be fewer hazards and potential danger when on your property, making it a safer area for everyone.

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