Questions To Ask When You Hire Paving Contractors

  June 17, 2017

Are you looking at hiring paving contractors in the near future? If so, taking the time to ask questions about a number of important issues can help to avoid problems with the task, while also helping you find the top paving contractors that are available.

Here are a number of different questions recommended to ask paving contractors, before you proceed to use their services.

How Much Experience Do you have?

While it might sound like an intrusive question for some people, it is entirely acceptable to ask this of the prospective paving contractors.

Having a large amount of experience does not 100% guarantee a good contractor, though it does certainly help to reduce the possibility of choosing a bad one. Roughly speaking, if you choose a company with over 20 years of experience in the industry, this is a sound indicator of a stable business with a long history of quality work and satisfied clients.

Who will be Performing the Work?

This is another question that might appear obvious, but some jobs can be subcontracted out. In finding out who is actually performing the job, and whether it is the individual you are speaking to, an in-house team, or subcontractors, you will have a better idea of how accountable they will be for their work.

What is Included with the Work?

Asking what is included in the work should be a prerequisite, though many people don’t pose this question, which can come back to haunt them. Knowing exactly what is covered, will ensure that you and the paving contractors are on the same page, with regard to the cost of the project. Some paving contractors may add on hidden fees or other charges, so sticking with a reputable, experienced, and reliable company is key.

Do you have any References?

If you are having any doubts about your choice of paving contractor, one useful question is to ask about references for previous work.

Highly skilled and professional paving contractors should be only too happy to provide information and details of previous projects, allowing you to hear or see for yourself the quality of work that is performed.

In Summary

In asking the four questions listed above, you can give yourself the best chance of finding the top paving contractors in the area, along with helping to avoid any of the less capable or professional service providers.

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