Prep Work for Paving – Choosing Paving Companies, and More

  July 3, 2017

When you are looking at getting new paving, whether it is for a residential driveway or a public parking lot, there is some prep work you can do beforehand to ensure a successful paving project. This involves steps such as looking for the right paving company, and also thinking about other practical factors you need to take into consideration.

Choosing the Right Paving Company

There are many paving companies about, and many of them offer good services, but you want to find the one that excels. This means not only good rates, but you want expert pavers that have been in the paving business for many years and have glowing recommendations from their clients. One of the best kind of paving companies to choose is a local company, such as Dhillon Paving.

We understand what people need when it comes to paving in Vancouver and the surrounding cities. Our team consists of knowledgeable and friendly pavers and we are consistently complimented on our excellent customer service and great value for a local paving company. Check out our reviews online, or talk to some of our past clients, when you are researching paving companies, to find out for yourself.

The Best Time of Year to Have Paving Done

Another element that you can take into consideration when you are looking into obtaining paving is the time of year. Do you have the resources and time to allow this to happen in the dryer and warmer months of the year? Paving can still happen in winter, but it will take longer and it is not as easy to lay as it is in the summer months. If you are a business, you need to figure out if paving will disrupt operations and, if you are a household in a residential area, you may need to apply for planning permission from the city.

Plan to Maintain

Finally, an important part of the prep work when it comes to paving is looking at what’s involved in the post work. Paving involves a certain amount of maintenance and you need to plan for this if you want its quality to last for a long time. Are you able to commit to checking for cracks regularly and laying down a sealant every couple of years? If so contact you paving company and start planning your paving!

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