Paving Contractors Burnaby: Three Cracks That Need Professional Treatments

  June 9, 2020

Cracks in your pavement are not just an aesthetic issue, but much more than that. They can lead to more severe problems if you ignore them. Cracks can lead to structural issues, too. Therefore, this is important for you to pay serious attention to the cracks and fix them fast.

In this blog, we will tell you about three types of pavement cracks that need immediate professional treatment.

Ice Cracks

Changing temperatures cause small pavement cracks to expand and become larger. When the temperature dips, the water turns into ice, and when temperature increases, the ice melts and becomes water. This state transformation from water into ice and ice into water is responsible for the cracks to expand. The ice cracks spread quite fast and make your pavement look terrible. If you notice ice cracks on your pavements, you should not try to fix the issue on your own. Instead, you should immediately look for one of the most reliable paving contractors in Burnaby to get the problem fixed. The professional paving contractor will seal the cracks with flexible rubberized asphalt.

Alligator Cracks

Alligator cracks cannot be taken lightly because these cracks spread across the pavement. The cracks occur because of the weak areas on the surface or base layer or due to poor drainage. They look like alligator skin. You may think to fix these cracks with a patching product, but that will not be a permanent solution. If you want a permanent solution for this, you should look for one of the most trustworthy paving contractors in Burnaby. They will remove the affected part of the part and inspect the base layer and drainage issues. After fixing the problem, they will install fresh asphalt in the empty portion.

Block Cracks

Block cracks divide the pavement into rectangular pieces. These cracks are often an indication of an aged or poor binder. They indicate that the binder is no longer contracting or expanding. Call a paving contractor. They will fix the problem with crack seal. A professional repair will increase the life of the surface for several more years. However, if you try to fix the issue on your own and fail to do it properly, the issue will become large and you will have to invest in pavement replacement.

So, when you notice any of these above mentioned issues, don’t ignore them or try to fix them on your own. Instead, look for a paving contractor in Burnaby. Give us a call now.

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