How Snow Removal in Coquitlam Will Save Your Roof

  January 9, 2018

Snow removal in Coquitlam is necessary to keep pedestrians safe during Canada’s infamous periods of snow and ice. Because of this, residential houses and businesses that make snow removal a priority from their Coquitlam properties create a much safer environment for residents, and eveninspire appreciation from customers.

But while it’s true that we should watch the ground during the winter, it’s also very important to look up, and make sure that snow isn’t settling for too long on our roofs. Read on for the lowdown on how removing snow on your roof can help keep your property safe through BC’s colder months.

It lightens the load on your roof

Light and fluffy though it is, after a few days of flurries, snow compacts to form hard, heavy ice. Many roofs are designed with a steep gradient to let snow slide off, but those that have a flatter angle are at greater risk of snow build up. With just a few feet of falling snow, a roof will retain a significant proportion of the weight, and unless it’s designed to stand up to the pressure, snow removal in Coquitlam is an excellent option to ensure there is no danger of collapse.

It prevents water damage

If your roof insulation is doing its job, the heat that escapes to the outside will be minimal. However, there is sometimes a certain amount of warmth that will escape and melt the snow on your roof. Once this happens, the resulting water drips down into the gutters and drains, sometimes refreezing and causing water clogging on the roof itself. Unfortunately, with no drainage available, this water has nowhere to go but seep into the shingles. Anyone who has experienced damage and damp in their ceilings knows that it’s much better to prevent the rot than try to remove it, so snow removal in Coquitlam is the best first option.

It’s safe and professional

In Coquitlam, snow removal is usually best left to the professionals. Winter can be a dangerous time of year for injuries, so choosing experts with the right equipment will spare you very preventable problems. Whether you’re looking for someone to clear your driveway, store entrance, or nearby pathways, or you’re more concerned with protecting the integrity of your home, Dhillon Paving will provide fast and convenient service that will have the snow cleared in no time.

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