How Can You Easily Fix A Blocked Drain?

  October 19, 2022

Even though clogged drains are a typical household issue, this fact does not make them any less terrifying. No matter if the drain is clogged in a toilet, basin, sink, shower, or sewer, it needs immediate repair, and that too from a professional. You can attempt to remove the obstruction on your own with a variety of methods. However, these methods are not always effective, leaving you open to water damage and plumbing system failure.

You can either get drainage installation services from experts like Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd. or you can fix the blocked drain. The experts at Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd. can provide you with high-quality drainage installation services at the best and most affordable prices. Here we are going to provide you with information about how you can fix the blocked drain with ease. Let’s get started!

Steps to Fix the Blocked Drain

We all know that a blocked drain can cause much damage to your property. If you can follow these steps to overcome the challenge of the blocked drain with the help of professionals for drainage installation services.

Step 1: Dig Deep Into the Basic Details

The plumbers ask about the clogged drain as soon as they get to the client’s location. The consumer would provide the most basic information, such as where they discovered the clogged drain, which might be in the bathroom, kitchen, or sewer. Once the consumers have agreed to the prices stated, the expert will proceed to detail the costs involved with the repair job.

Step 2: Locate the Government Inspection Point

Finding government inspection locations is where the plumber begins. This aids in determining if the issue is coming from the customer’s end or the water business. You can find drainage installation services at the best and most affordable prices from many reputable businesses.

Step 3: Isolate the Blocked Location

The plumber would continue and utilize additional inspection points to isolate the core obstruction site if the blockage was at the customer’s end. The plumber will set up a hydro machine to clear and clean the drain if the obstruction is detected outside.

Step 4: Hydro Setup

To prevent a mess, ask the consumer to close the toilet seat first. The plumber would now run the main hydro hose and link the garden water supply to the hydro machine. The main hydro line is currently attached to a mini-hydro. Through the access point, this tiny hydro is linked to the drain. Until the obstruction is reached, the hydro machine traverses the whole length of the drainpipe. The hydro-jet quickly restores the drain’s ability to flow freely after effectively clearing out the obstruction.

Step 5: Inspect Through CCTV Footage

After the obstruction has been cleared, the expert does a CCTV check to determine what caused the obstruction. This is a very important stage since the plumber will inform you of the precautions based on the type of blockage.

Tree roots or damaged or broken pipes are the most frequent causes of clogged drains outside of the home. If this is the case, the plumber would explain how to prevent the blockage in the best possible method.

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