Five tips for snow removal in Squamish

  January 16, 2018

With an annual snowfall of 235cm, Squamish gets far more snow than the average 40cm Vancouver sees each winter. The winter tire requirements run from October 1 until March 31. Due to the heavy snowfall, laws around snow removal in Squamish, keeping walkways clear, and driving on winter tires are all the more important.

The municipality takes care of major roadways, but many Squamish residences are off main thoroughfares.

So what can you do to help yourself, your neighbours, and city snow removal services during a snowfall? Take a look at these tips below and rinse and repeat throughout the winter.

  1. Keep vehicles off the street

If it is possible, keep all vehicles in garages or driveways to keep the street clear. Snow plows pass by and push snow to the sides of the road. If your car is parked on the side of the road, it will be difficult to dig yourself out of the pile left by the snow plow.

  1. Leave garbage and recycling bins in the driveway

Likewise, snow plows will bury any bins left out on the street. On garbage day, place your bins on the driveway. The arms of Squamish garbage trucks extend 12 feet and will be able to reach the bins.

  1. Clear the catch basin and fire hydrants

To avoid flooding the street, shovel snow out of the catch basins near your house to allow any melted snow or ice to drain. If there is a fire hydrant near your house that hasn’t been attended to by the city, consider clearing it of snow and ice.

  1. Clear snow at first snowfall

Snow removal in Squamish can be a big task. Clearing snow as soon as it falls is easier than shoveling snow that has been packed down over time. As well, remember to keep shovelled snow off of the roads and sidewalks to keep all passageways safe for other drivers and pedestrians.

  1. Salt walkways

Always salt areas recently cleared of snow to stop ice from forming. This is an ongoing task throughout the winter, but is one of the most important to keeping walkways safe.

Due to heavy and ongoing snowfall throughout the winter, snow removal in Squamish can be overwhelming for some people. If you are unable to keep up with snow and ice removal, contact a professional for snow removal services at first snowfall and for maintenance throughout the winter months.

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