Dos and Don’t To Ensure the Longevity of Your Pavement

  August 27, 2020

Asphalt paving offers you a better ROI compared to other types of paving. In contrast to concrete pavement, a well-planned and laid asphalt pavement seldom needs to be removed or replaced. Moreover, it is challenging to repair a concrete pathway without breaking your budget, as it reaches the end of its life.

As a reputable paving company Vancouver, Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd is bringing you this blog to educate you about some basic dos and don’ts to ensure the durability of your asphalt pavement.


Right after your driveway or parking lot is paved, you should start taking measures for its effective maintenance and longevity. Follow these essential dos for long-lasting asphalt pavement.

  1. If you are not already applying sod for your landscaping, use graded topsoil for the new asphalt paving. Using sod is crucial as some soils can react with the asphalt, which leads to minor flaking at the slant tips.
  2. Avoid oil spills on the asphalt surface. As oil degrades asphalt and causes it to crack.
  3. And if you do get cracks on your asphalt surface, use some crack sealing products on the asphalt surface as soon as cracks appear. Water can seep into the clefts and affect the stability of the base of the asphalt. That can eventually lead to alligator cracks or potholes. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in quality crack sealing services to avoid costly repairs.


Don’t do these following things after completing an asphalt paving project:

  1. Don’t drive on a freshly paved surface for the first 24 hours. If it’s summer, you need to wait even longer.
  2. Don’t park your vehicles in exactly the same spot each time. It can end up causing dents or depressed spots on the asphalt surface.
  3. Don’t ignore asphalt maintenance procedures. You must invest in routine precautionary preservation as the years pass. Cleaning and upkeep practices to prolong the life of asphalt pavement pay off significantly. And it will help you to get the most of your investment.

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