What Is Asphalt Seal Coating, and How Is It Beneficial?

  July 9, 2021

Seal coating is a type of resurfacing done on highways. In this method, the paving contractor Burnaby will apply a mixture that will be helpful for protecting the road base from wear and tear. Asphalt seal coating is an effective way to provide protection to roads by sealing out moisture. It provides you with an anti-glare and skid-resistant surface, especially during wet weather. If you are looking to hire a paving contracting company, then you should go with Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd. as they are the best paving contractors in Burnaby.  Here, we are going to discuss the steps used in the seal coating process and how asphalt seal coating is beneficial for maintaining the roads. So, let us get started!

The Seal Coating Process

  • The roads are prepared, to fill the cracks and patches before the seal coating process is done.
  • Roads that are newly paved should be allowed to cure for at least two days till the pavement is fully set, and it should be dry when the seal coating is applied. In the summer, water evaporates easily, and this makes the process of seal coating easier to do. This could be one of the reasons why most paving contractors tend to apply seal coats on roads in summer.
  • During the curing process, traffic should drive slowly on the surface.
  • When you are ready to seal coat the surface, eliminate loose gravel by sweeping many times.
  • The sealcoat is in a liquid form that is applied with a brush, sprayer or squeegee, to protect the asphalt from rain, UV rays, and chemicals.

This is the process of asphalt seal coating on the road. Now, let us discuss the different benefits you will get with asphalt seal coating.

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Benefits of Having Asphalt Seal Coating

There are many benefits you will get from seal coating by asphalt paving contractors Burnaby. They are discussed below:

  • The asphalt seal coating helps to bring new life to faded asphalt roads. It is the fact that, over time, several elements such as sun, moisture, and water fades the asphalt material. But adding seal coating to it restores its like-new appearance.
  • Seal coating keeps the asphalt from getting brittle.
  • Asphalt seal coating will block the damaging elements from the pavement and keep it in good condition.
  • Another major advantage you will get with asphalt seal coating is that it prevents potholes. Seal coating prevents oxidation and cracks from forming on the roads and keeps in in good condition for an extended time.

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