Asphalt Paving – It’s Not Too Late to Get It – Call Us Now

  September 18, 2018

Many people leave home improvement tasks until springtime. However, there is no need for it to be confined this time of year just because it is tradition. During fall, it’s not too late to redo your home or even your garden.

One popular renovation that more residents of the Metro Vancouver region are looking towards is asphalt paving for their driveway. At Dhillon Bros. Paving, we get many requests to create driveways with asphalt pavingon customers properties, so that they have a parking spot.

One reason as to why asphalt paving is so popular is it provides a safe place for you to park your car. Finding parking in the Metro Vancouver region is extremely difficult. Even in mainly residential areas, street parking can be very difficult to come across and this is extremely frustrating for those living in the area. Not only that, even if street parking is available, leaving your car on the street can be risky, as it is more susceptible to theft and damage.

With an asphalt paving driveway, you will always have a place to park your car. The spot is yours and yours alone. You will not have non-residents taking your space and will always be able to park right outside your door. This makes things like brining groceries in so much easier and is particularly useful in rainy Vancouver!

Winter hasn’t hit us quite yet, so there is still time to get asphalt paving installed in your yard. This is an ideal opportunity to ensure that you will have that parking spot ready when the wet and rainy British Columbia winter rolls into town.

In order to get the ball rolling, give Dhillon Bros paving a call. We have an expert team on hand to install top quality asphalt paving on your property. This will allow you to enjoy all the advantages that comes with having your own private parking spot, as well as keeping your vehicle safe.

We offer excellent rates and, once you call us for a consultation, we can come back to you with an estimated timeframe. Our team produces excellent quality work that requires little maintenance and also looks great.

Get in touch with our team today before it’s too late and you need to wait until next spring to enjoy having asphalt paving on your property.

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