Advice for Safe Snow Removal in Vancouver

  December 29, 2017

Taking the time to do effective snow removal in Vancouver will pay off in spades once the snow stops and the ice sets in. This is because one of the main safety hazards to contend with once snow stops falling, is the amount of hard-packed snow still covering the ground. Not only is it harder to remove, it’s more dangerous than the fluffy banks you’ll see on the first few hours of snowfall, and it often turns to ice.

Many residents of Vancouver will already know that snow removal adjacent to one’s property is the responsibility of the owner or renter, and it should be done before 10am on the day following a flurry. Calling a snow removal service is always a good choice if you’re looking for effective and efficient clearance, but if you want to supplement this with some legwork of your own, make sure to follow the safety tips below.

  1. Lift from the legs

You may have heard this valuable nugget of advice before when lifting heavy objects, or furniture, so keep it in mind when shovelling snow, too. Back strain can be debilitating, so it’s extremely important to maintain good technique when doing snow removal in Vancouver. Always avoid reaching far by keeping the tip of the shovel close, and use the legs, not the back, as the main pivot for movement.

  1. Stretch

Shovelling snow is a tough workout, so make sure to warm up and take some stretching breaks during snow removal. Vancouver can often get quite heavy snow flurries, so prepare yourself for a physical job by taking the time to warm up your muscles before, during, and after.

  1. Take regular breaks

It is generally recommended to take a break every 10-15 minutes, to give your body a break. During this time, take sips of water to stay hydrated, and give your muscles a chance to recover before resuming the task.

  1. Wear layers

Make sure to wrap up when leaving your home, as temperatures will be low, and you’ll be more likely to be uncomfortable if you don’t. The best way to dress for snow removal is to put on layers of clothes which can be removed easily, in case you get too hot as you work.

  1. Choose the right shovel

Different shovels suit different body types, so try to choose one that is comfortable for you, so as to avoid any strain. If the handle is too short, for example, you may end up overreaching and creating unnecessary strain on your arms and back. Picking the right shovel will ensure you’re prepared for snowfall whenever it might happen.

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