5 Vital Things to Consider When Hiring a Paving Contractor

  March 17, 2020

Paving your driveway or parking lot can be a rewarding investment, and it offers a myriad of great benefits. A precisely paved driveway can significantly increase the value of your property. It serves as an eye-catching welcome mat to your home, sending a message to your visitors that you care about the cleanliness of your property.

Hiring a wrong paving contractor is going to frustrate you big time and make you incur financial losses. If you are looking to get your driveway or parking lot paved, you must choose a paving contractor sensibly.

Read on to find five of the most vital things you must consider when hiring one of the best paving contractors for the job.

Experience: Any contractor who has been in the paving industry for many years is considered an experienced one, and working with them is of utmost benefit. If you’re adding a concrete patio to your backyard, you would want to work with someone who has completed related projects. When hiring, ask the contractor about their portfolio or previous work so that you can get an idea about their skills.

Materials and Equipment: Make sure the asphalt paving contractor you’re likely to hire should be familiar with the materials you plan to use for your paving project. Asphalt and concrete have their handling and applications. If you seem unsure about what material to use, look for a contractor who has knowledge of both and can advise you the best. In case you need excavation, the paver has to have the right equipment.

Insurance: Insurance is another essential factor that you must consider when making your choice. An insured asphalt paving contractor is capable of providing its customers with top-quality services. If there is an accident that happens during the entire paving process, you won’t have to worry about anything. The insurance company will take care of everything. Before hiring a contractor, ask them to give you a proof of your insurance.

Pricing: Make sure you discuss pricing with the asphalt paving contractor you’re likely to work with. A professional company will always provide you with a detailed estimate, including the cost of labour, machinery, materials, and other vital aspects of the paving job. There should not be any hidden charges, and they should be upfront about the fees they are charging from you.

References: Do you think it’s enough for a paving representative to tell you that the company is reliable and does excellent work? Certainly not! Ask the representative to provide you with a couple of references of past clients they’d worked with.

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