4 Things to Know About Asphalt Paving in Vancouver

  May 9, 2017

Asphalt paving in Vancouver is a common sight, as it’s hard-wearing and cost effective properties are sought after by many homeowners. Here are four useful things to know about asphalt paving in Vancouver, of which you might not already be aware.

  1. Most Asphalt Paving is Recycled

When choosing to use asphalt paving in Vancouver, you are opting for a material that is most likely recycled. While virgin asphalt is created for the first time, the remainder of other asphalt is reused, making it a sustainable and carbon-friendly option.

  1. Best Laid in the Summer

A great piece of information to know about asphalt paving in Vancouver, is that it’s best laid in the summer, when the conditions are most favourable. Without warm weather, the asphalt mix can be more problematic to set, with rain also being a hindrance when laying new paving.

While you might not have any choice in winter but to lay your asphalt paving in Vancouver, it is certainly best to plan this for the warmer months, if and where possible.

  1. Protect your Asphalt Paving in Vancouver

Another useful piece of information to know, is that your asphalt paving should be protected after it has been laid. While it cures in less time than concrete, it can still take two or three days before being ready to use.

This means that all items, such as vehicles or plants, should be kept off the surface. Additionally, items that are especially heavy should not be parked or placed on the surface, where possible, for the first month or so. It is also good practice to change the areas that you use, or park in, particularly in the first month, as this helps to distribute wear and tear evenly on the asphalt paving in Vancouver.

  1. Provide Regular Maintenance

Although asphalt paving in Vancouver is a very durable and hard-wearing substance, it should also be regularly maintained to prolong its lifespan. General guidelines recommend having new asphalt paving in Vancouver sealcoated in the first year or two, with regular coatings every three to four years, subsequent to that.

Summing Up

While equipping yourself with knowledge about asphalt paving in Vancouver is a useful task, it is still highly advised to use a professional for any work or repairs that you may require.

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