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Strata irrigation

Strata irrigation

Keeping the grounds of large multi-family dwellings looking their best takes considerable, coordinated effort, a tall task for busy families and council members. If your strata are looking to relieve some of that pressure by upgrading to an irrigation system, we can help. Dhillon Bros Paving knows irrigations systems and we’ve worked with many strata organizations to help implement a variety of lawn and garden watering solutions.

A strata irrigation system can be a great deal more complex than what you would see on a typical residential property. We work closely with council members to determine what they want from a watering system and then devise a plan that can meet those needs while working within the budget that has been allocated.

For example, rain sensor irrigation systems are popular with many strata. These sensors take the guesswork out of watering by communicating with the sprinkler system timer if a certain amount of rain has fallen – or it’s actively raining – your irrigation system will skip a cycle.

We have years of experience installing both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. And whether it’s a complex system for large multi-unit dwellings or a more basic setup for smaller developments, we are proud to offer competitive pricing and unmatched quality and service.

Why choose irrigation?

  • More efficient water usage, which saves money
  • Saves you time
  • Improves plant growth
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Preserves nutrients in your soil
  • Increased property value

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