Is It True that Planting Trees in Your Yard Helps to Combat Climate Change?

  December 4, 2022

Every week, it appears as though there is fresh information about climate change. Increased carbon dioxide emissions are likely the most fundamental factor in current global instability. Fortunately, there is a tremendous weapon at our disposal to aid in the fight against climate change: reforestation. The act of planting trees is referred to as “tree planting.” Trees are an important species in the fight to reduce hazardous carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Thus, you can also plant trees in your backyard area by taking landscaping services from experts. Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd. is considered to be one of the effective high-quality landscaping services providers. With more than 35 years of experience, their skilled team creates a new beautiful appearance for your property. Here we will discuss brief information on whether trees will help you to combat climate change or not.

What Happens When you Plant Trees in Your Backyard?

Significant carbon sequestration — the safe storing of carbon dioxide – and greater environmental stability are credited to trees. A recent study published in the journal Science by an international research team as part of NASA’s global climate change project estimated the worldwide potential of recovering forested areas as a feasible technique for mitigating climate change. They calculated that planting more than half a trillion trees throughout the planet would reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide by around 25%, which would be enough to offset 20 years of human-caused carbon emissions at present levels.

So, the answer is yes, that it will really make a difference in climate change when you plant trees. This can be done by taking landscaping services from experts. Every tree planted means more carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and less environmental damage is caused. Consider what would happen if everyone in your neighbourhood planted one tree.

The advantages of planting a tree don’t end there. Trees also provide a variety of other advantages, such as reducing erosion and assisting with stormwater management. Their root systems aid in soil stabilization and stability, while their canopies offer shade and keep our homes and yards cooler. Birds and other species, especially crucial pollinators who fertilize and help boost the populations of other beneficial plants, rely on trees for food and shelter.

Maintain Planting at Your Best

You have a responsibility as a homeowner to manage your property and the landscape it stands on, including the trees that grow there. Regrettably, some homeowners are unable to “see” their trees. They frequently serve just as a green backdrop, attracting notice only when they shed their leaves in the fall, leading many people to complain about the raking and leaf-blowing that goes along with it.

Mature trees are much more difficult to observe since everything happens up in the canopy, which may be as high as 25 or 50 feet in the air, requiring a lot of craning of necks to view and investigate. Without worrying about the prices, you can easily use landscaping services from Dhillon Bros Paving Ltd.

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